Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Tips for planning an outdoor wedding

For those who love being outdoors, getting married and hosting and outdoor wedding in front of nature’s backdrop is the ultimate dream. 

From a lapping shoreline to a kaleidoscope of wildflowers; whatever your ideal scene, an outdoor wedding means you can make it a big part of your special day.

Deciding you want to tie the knot outdoors is the first step, and then you’ll need a weathertight plan. Needless to say, there’s a lot more to take into consideration when mother nature is involved! But don’t let that stop you. It’s totally worth it – especially when it comes to achieving magical and atmospheric photos!

Here are some handy tips for planning an outdoor wedding, to make sure nothing puts a damper on your day.  



Pick the perfect venue

First and foremost, you’ll want to find an outdoor wedding venue that paints the perfect picture for you. For some, this is a beachside wedding: think sandy toes and the calming sound of the ocean. While, for others, rolling hills evoke a wonderful sense of freedom, or a country estate provides effortless grandeur. The options for outdoor weddings are endless. 

Luckily, we’re spoilt for choice in the UK, with beautiful spots around every corner. (Especially in Cornwall!) It’s worth remembering, though, that there are some restrictions in place on getting married outdoors here. In England, the law states that the official part of the ceremony must take place under a fixed and licenced structure, which includes gazebos and pavilions, as well as designated places like beach bars and country manor houses. 


Time it right 

Relying on the seasons isn’t always a safe bet in the UK. In fact, it’s usually not a safe bet in the UK! However, choosing the time of year which best suits your preferences is a good place to start. If you love spring’s blossoming flora and the buzz of wildlife in the air, then naturally you’ll be drawn to getting married during this season. The same goes for the long balmy evenings of summer or the vibrant colours of autumn – there’s something truly unique about each season that will become a memorable feature of your wedding day. 

One perk of having to get married under a fixed structure is that the weather will be a little less of a concern. Having shelter means you can enjoy each moment, without keeping an eye on the clouds. And if the skies do decide to bucket down, you shouldn’t let it spoil your day, or the photos! Props, such as decorative umbrellas and wellies, result in elegant, and often really playful images.   


Be creative with nature

Here’s the really fun part. Once you’ve chosen a wedding venue and date, you can focus on the details; and this means tying everything together. 

Naturally, you’ll have chosen a venue for its unique environment, and a season for its signature delights – so use them both to your advantage when it comes to styling your wedding day. 

For example, if you’ve opted for a rustic woodland wedding, then hanging trails of fairy lights in the trees will enhance this mystical wonderland, and using wildflowers and ferns on the table arrangements will create a natural flow throughout the environment. Alternatively, if you’ve gone for a coastal spot then consider using natural materials like pebbles from the beach to write guests’ names on, or a chunk of driftwood to display the table plan. These details will remind everyone about the unique and striking location of your wedding, as well as adding lots of little pieces to the story of the day. 

For a photographer, outdoor weddings are a playground for capturing vibrant, individual and happy images. Get in touch to discuss your outdoor wedding plans and how we can create a charming visual story around your beautiful day. 

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