Planning a Rustic Wedding in Cornwall

Tips for planning a rustic wedding


With buckets of inspiration out there for your wedding, it can be difficult to choose a theme for the special day; but you certainly won’t be disappointed if you opt for ‘rustic’. 


This style is famed for its effortless charm, and works wonderfully in all types of venues, as well as at any time of year. From bright spring days, to cosy winter nights – it’s easy to adapt this theme to suit each season and its signature features. 


When it comes to planning a wedding with a distinctly rustic twist, read on for tips to help you put your own stamp on it and create something unique. 

Keep it simple


A rustic wedding can be interpreted in lots of ways, and couples bring new ideas to the table with each and every take on the theme. That’s a big part of its beauty. One thing to remember, though, is that at the heart of the rustic style is simplicity. It offers the perfect opportunity to take things back to basics and concentrate on your surroundings.


Adopting this ‘plain and simple’ fashion not only takes a lot of stress out of the planning process, but often results in a wonderfully humble wedding, allowing the essence of the day to shine through. You know what they say, less is more! 


A natural location


What does your mind conjure up when you think ‘rustic’? Well, for the majority, it’s images of greenery –  such as fields, wildflowers, meadows, woodland, and so on. Basically, the theme is designed to take you closer to nature and all its delights. For those wanting to have a truly rustic wedding, the greatest way to achieve this is with a venue set outdoors in the countryside. 


There are numerous options for an outdoor wedding: from a beachside gazebo draped in silk, to a grand country manor house, and everything in between. But one venue that particularly lends itself to the rustic style is a barn. Barn wedding venues have an organic and playful appeal that isn’t easily found in other buildings. With big open doors for you to soak up the scenery, and a bold, raw structure; everyone is invited to enjoy the setting both inside and out. 


You can read more about barn wedding venues in Cornwall here.

Relaxed styling 


A rustic theme tends to result in a more relaxed and informal feel to your wedding. This is often down to laid-back styling, and a neutral colour palette woven into the decor and bringing everything together neatly. 


Keeping the golden rule in mind (simplicity), decorating your wedding venue around the rustic theme can be a surprisingly modest task. For example, adding twinkle, such as fairy lights along a barn’s beams, is one of the most effective ways to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. And looking to the environment to source some of the finer details, such as wood cuttings for table names and wildflowers for centrepieces, allows you to bring nature indoors for your wedding.


To further carry the rustic theme throughout your venue, it’s also worth adding simple homely props, such as candles, jam jars and bunting. And if you want to really go to town on it, bold items, like barrels, make for fantastic rustic props (and an ideal stand for the wedding cake), and reclaimed timber can be used for signage. Let’s also not forget a hay bale or two…


To chat about how your rustic wedding will look on camera, and photography packages available, get in touch for more info. 


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