5 New Year’s resolutions for couples planning their wedding in 2020

January is in full flow and it’s the start of a new decade, which means lots of new year’s resolutions will have been made for the year ahead. 


Alongside the usual suspects: to eat better, exercise, and get more sleep; for couples planning a wedding in 2020, it’s the perfect time to create new ‘wedding resolutions’ to add to the list. 


So, whether you’ve booked a date for your big day, or you’ve yet to make a move, here are some key wedding planning resolutions to make and stick to! 


  • Make time to plan



Sharing wedding goals with your partner as early on as possible is a great way to keep you on track throughout your planning. More importantly, though, it can be the push you need to actually get started. 


Making resolutions is a good motivator, which is why it makes sense to centre your first one around kicking things off. To avoid the stress that can so easily occur with last-minute and rushed planning, start by setting aside dedicated time to work on your wedding plans. This might be every Saturday, or an hour each evening, whatever suits you both. 


And if you want to be really organised from the off,  jot down a rough plan of milestones with deadlines that you aim to reach. This will help keep you focused.


  • Have date nights 



On the flip side, wedding planning can rapidly take over your lives, so make sure you have breaks! Referring to your initial ‘schedule’ is a helpful reminder to dedicate only some of your time to it, but it can also be worthwhile to add regular date nights to the calendar too. After all, it’s important to spend quality time together without a notebook! 


And remember, some of the best ideas can stem from little moments away from the table, so if something catches your eye or sparks in your mind, then be sure to add it to your wish list when you get back to it. 

The Green Cornwall Venue wedding photos, Upton Cross


  • Be inspired



Research for your wedding can take many different forms, and it’s not all about wedding fairs and magazines. Inspiration can greet you when you least expect it. As just mentioned, it could be on a date night when the perfect lighting creates a cosy feel, or perhaps when out for a stroll, where particular flowers and colours may catch your eye.  The key is to be mindful of the things you appreciate.



  • Add to the bigger picture 



To bring your ideas to life, it’s really helpful to make your wedding planning as visual as possible. Creating mood boards, for all the little things that inspire you both, will enable you to see patterns and potential themes start to take shape for your special day. Having this point of reference is also great for generating discussion about what you each want from all the different elements to consider. 



  • Enjoy it!



And, finally, don’t forget to savour every bit of it! It’s not unnatural to consider planning a bit of a chore, but your wedding planning should be different. Your big day is one of the greatest experiences you’ll have, so the build-up to it should be enjoyable and memorable too. That’s not to say there won’t be moments that raise your blood pressure, but adopting these new year’s resolutions will help keep you level-headed and remind you what’s really important.



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