Wedding photo ideas for the bride and groom

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life (if not, the most important!). It’s unmatched and momentous, which is why your wedding photos should be too.

It goes without saying that your photographer will be the one tasked with capturing the magic of the occasion and providing you with beautiful memories to treasure forever. However, in the build-up to the big day, you’ll likely be thinking about the types of images you want to achieve. And you can have lots of creative input too, especially when it comes to the bride and groom shots!  

Just remember, at the heart of it all is your love for one another, and that needs to be captured on camera. So, amongst the shots of the venue, family, and guests, here are some photo ideas just for you – the happy couple. 


Framed by the venue 

Your wedding venue is a huge part of your big day, and, no doubt, you’ll have chosen it for its unique story and the way it makes you feel. Therefore, the beautiful couple should be framed by this building (or gazebo, marquee, other ceremony space) to create an ultimate postcard of the day. 

Remember to look beyond the ‘classic’ shot too. There may be some other interesting angles or different nooks around the corner that will make for a great composition. 


Explore surroundings 

If you look beyond your wedding venue, there’s bound to be plenty of striking backdrops for your bride and groom photos – particularly if you’re in the middle of nature. Try venturing into a field of flowers, along the river, or even around the back of the building! You never know what you’ll find. 

Dressy scenes

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for you to get creative, particularly when it comes to decorating the venue and adding little things that truly represent your personalities.

Whatever you select to dress the venue; bunting, fairy lights, kegs or haybales, these items will add character to your photos too. Envision being framed by twinkling lights, or jumping off a keg to be caught by your partner!  

Sharing special moments  

Simply walking along the grounds of your wedding venue, or in a separate spot you’ve chosen, will allow your photographer to hang back and document your wonderful relationship and emotions – away from everyone else. 

That special window of time, when the bride and groom step away from the action to focus on each other, is magical. It’s then that you can reflect on the fact you’ve just tied the knot, and your photographer will be able to document those golden moments. Don’t be afraid to let them get close too, as those intricate shots can paint a thousand words. 

Photos for thought

There are lots and lots of opportunities throughout your wedding to achieve wonderful bride and groom photos, and your photographer will have all bases covered. (Think ceremony, confetti, first entrance, cake and dancing!)  However, in your quest for unforgettable photos of you and your partner, it’s worth seeking inspiration from your wedding photographer too!

Naturally, each photographer will have their own signature style, which they’ll bring to your wedding and use to craft your photos. This can be anything from a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ approach, to what might be considered more traditional and ‘set up’ shots. And no doubt, it’s this style that will have attracted you to your photographer in the first place!

So, browse through your chosen, or prospective photographer’s gallery to see what type of couples shots catch your eye, and think about how you can recreate or put a unique twist on them. Here’s a selection of wedding day highlights from my gallery.    


Talk ideas!

A little bit of homework goes a long way, but having a chat with your photographer works wonders. It’s really beneficial to talk to them beforehand about the types of photos you’d like to create, so they can keep this in mind when capturing those important shots on the day. To discuss what you’re looking for on your wedding day, get in touch with me for a chat.