Important questions to ask a wedding photographer

Loving a wedding photographer’s style and gallery of images is definitely a good starting point when it comes to choosing the right person to capture your wedding. However, to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day and you know exactly what to expect, it’s important to chat through key things with them upfront and ask some wedding photography questions.


So, whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding photographer for your big day, or you’ve already found them; here are some important questions to ask. 


Have you shot at our wedding venue before? 

There are some real perks to having a photographer who has already captured weddings at your chosen venue. Firstly, they’ll be able to show you some examples of other couple’s weddings at the setting, giving you a taste of popular themes and the types of images you can receive too. And they’ll also know about all of the best spots to get great shots and frame the true essence of the day.  


While knowing their way around a venue is beneficial, it’s worth remembering that photographers are versatile and tend to have lots of experience in shooting weddings in new locations. So there’s no need to worry. You’ll probably find that your photographer will do their homework and check out the venue before your big day.

What do you need to know from us before the big day?

Naturally, your photographer will be the one asking you plenty of questions, from the time you begin talking right up to and during your wedding day. Nonetheless, knowing what you want to be covered by your photographer is an important place to start, as they’ll need to understand your preferences to be able to tailor their offering for you. This includes things like particular images you’d like included, such as group and family shots, so it’s worth compiling a list to share with them. 

What packages do you offer?

Most wedding photographers will have different packages outlined and ready for you to choose from. For example, this can include having one photographer for a full day, or the option to have a second shooter for part of the day. Each package will also cover different durations, from a few hours, up to the whole day. 


Budget may be a determining factor when it comes to choosing which package to go for, however, make sure you discuss everything you want your photographer to capture so they can advise what’s best, or create something bespoke for you. For example, think about if you’d like the bride and bridesmaids to be photographed getting ready in the morning, or the groom’s party. Or, perhaps having both is a must-have for you. If the latter, then having a second shooter will best suit your needs. 


Early conversations should also determine how and when you’ll need to pay for your wedding photography package. This includes the deposit and instalments for the remaining fee. 

How many images can we expect, and in what format? 

Getting to know your photographer and understanding their approach to weddings will no doubt put you at greater ease on the big day. However, the finer detail is really important too. While a photographer can take thousands of images over the course of the day, understandably not all of these will come over to you, as only the best will be selected and edited. Your package will likely outline the number of images you will be sent, and in which format. For example, some photographers offer options for a photobook or prints, as well as image files. 


Discussing exactly what you can expect to receive after your wedding will remove any danger of confusion, and will also give you the opportunity to request something specific should you wish to. 

When will we receive the images?

This may sound like a final consideration, but, for many, knowing when to expect your images is the utmost priority. After all, couples want to share all the magic moments from their special day as soon as possible! 


The delivery of your images will likely depend on a number of factors, so it’s best to ask for a date so you’re not left wondering. For example, if it’s ‘peak’ wedding season, then turnaround can be longer than for a winter wedding, say. Also, think about how long you’re prepared to wait and see if there’s an option to receive a select few in the meantime. Some wedding photographers will share a handful of images within the first few days after your wedding, and then the rest of the batch at a later date. 


As you can see, there are lots of things to be mindful of when you begin conversations with your wedding photographer. Fundamentally, it’s essential to share all of your questions and ideas, so they can discover exactly what you’re looking for and bring your vision to life. Read more about my approach to wedding photography to understand why finding a good match in your photographer is so important.