Wedding Photography at RSA House, London

On the train, out of Cornwall and heading for The RSA House in central London last month I traveled north for Rosey and George’s wonderful wedding.

Cornwall is amazing for wedding photography for so many reasons. The main reason is the scenery with amazing coastal and countryside locations. This all means that us wedding photographers have our pick of stunning locations for wedding photography in Cornwall. But heading into London this type of location is all out of the window. Instead as a photographer, you start looking for some urban wedding photos alternatives! Embrace what London has to offer, I thought whether that’s busy streets, concrete, tower blocks, or roads. Keep reading to see some of the locations that we found.

Rosey and George chose a really special venue one that is hidden away right in central London. On John Adams street is The RSA House. The Royal Society of Arts has been championing the arts for over 260 years. Promoted by Oueen Victoria in 1847 the RSA has had a royal connection since. Princess Royal is their current president after taking over from Prince Phillip in 2011. Other notable famous RSA members have been Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin, and Karl Marx. Between 1757 and 1835 the RSA ran a very impressive and successful campaign encouraging landowners to plant over 60 million trees in green spaces and woodlands around the country.

The RSA is located just off the hustle and bustle of The Strand and yet John Adams Street is amazingly quiet for central London. Unexpectedly this let us take some great photos right in the center of the road with Rosey and George.

The Venue itself has some great indoor spaces to choose from. The jewel in the crown is The Great room with its 360-degree painting of “Progress of Human and Knowledge and Culture” by James Barry.

This may have been a covid wedding with all the extra restrictions that are now part of weddings but this did not take away from the day at all! Rosey actually organized the wedding in something like 5 days! But that is another story! I also photographed Rosey’s sister, Clare’s wedding 5 years ago. Check it out here.

I finished off my day’s photography around dusk which gave us a great chance for some night photography. The Strand just next door is was our location and we took some lovely nighttime shots Keep scrolling down to see the results.

That was some RSA House wedding photos from Rosey and George’s wonderful day!

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