Secrets to getting great wedding photos – An Insiders guide

“Couples can spend so much time worrying about the finer details. The best photos happen when people are having a blast and properly let their hair down, it makes for great images. A wedding is a celebration, with all the people you love”


I have been shooting weddings for nearly 10 years and over that time I have experienced some amazing experiences. Seeing couples excel at hosting some wonderful weddings and working with them is what my job is all about and why I love it. It also makes me want to share the secrets of their success. Hence the idea of this guide was born.


This guide is for anyone wanting the insiders scoop on what makes for amazing wedding photos all from a wedding photographers perspective. It is a mix of what works and what does not. A mix of my experiences shooting and a mix of what my past couples have done. Read on for more!

  1. The most important rule! Like your photographer


In my opinion this is the most important bit of advice I can pass on to anybody. You have to like your photographer! “ Are we a good match?” When I first meet a couple that are thinking of booking me this is my number one question. There is no sales pitch of how good I am and how many awards I’ve won, but rather a friendly chat to see if we are suited to each other.


  1. Make sure your photographer will shoot what you would like to receive.


This may sound obvious but again it is about being on the same page as your photographer. I always make sure that my clients love my style of documentary wedding photography. Are natural candid and real photos what you want? Again are we a good match? It would be an absolute disaster if I booked a couple that wanted to spend a few hours of posed fashion style photography. This is not what I do.


  1. Give the photographer a “backstage pass” to your day.


This is about letting your photographer know as much information about your day as possible. Along the years there have been many surprises, from long lost relatives turning up, a mustang arriving as a taxi to amazingly synchronized flash mob dances!


If your photographer is in on the game then it is only to their advantage! I love being in on the surprise because it means I can focus on catching the emotion on people’s faces as the surprise finally dawns on them!



  1. Let the priest walk down the isle first!!


This is one for the brides: Picture the scene…. all your loved ones are patiently waiting for you to walk down the isle. The vicar has met you at the church door. He makes sure you are all good and then gives the sign to the organ. The vicar then turns and you walk down the isle after him.


Now as a photographer this photo is a really important one. Bride and father arm in arm, the entrance, and the groom seeing you for the first time. But if the vicar is walking right in front of you (as much as we like him!) it can make this photos next to impossible to take!!

So count to 10 let the vicar walk first and then it is all yours!!


  1. Do not spare on the confetti.


You can never have too much confetti. People will bring some but don’t rely on it. This always makes for a great photo of you and also of your guests having a blast throwing confetti at you!

So hand it out to all your guests at a time decided on with your photographer and let some great photos happen!



  1. Split your portrait time up between day and evening.


This is a great idea because it gives you two sets of photos. If you are lucky also you might get a really gorgeous sunset, which will make you photos look stunning! Every photographers dream!



  1. Don’t try to force a pose that doesn’t feel natural.


I never every over pose my couples. I want you to be yourself so that in years to come you look back on your photos with familiarity. It would be bad if all you could remember was how awkward the poses the photographer made you do made you feel. Even worse you did not like the way the photographer forcefully posed you..

A certain amount of posing and guidance is necessary for sure. We are not all models. The key for me is if I am making you feel awkward then the photos will suffer which is a big NO!.


  1. Know that if you look like yourself, you’ll look your best.


Once you are all ready for the day, just enjoy it! Forget your photographer is there and make the most of your wedding day and all your loved ones that are here for you!

It will go quick, don’t worry about the photos that is my job!


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