Polhawn Fort wedding venue photos, Cornwall – Sophie and Max

There are so many amazing and unique wedding venues in Cornwall, we really are spoilt! Polhawn Fort has to be up there on the unique factor scale for sure. There are not many places that you can get married in a fort dating back to the 1860’s now are there!?

The Fort was constructed between 1862 and 1867, when it was known as Polhawn Battery. This was a specialised fortification with armaments – principally cannons – with which to ‘batter’ the enemy. However the design of the Fort brought some unplanned obsolescence. The Forts two angles faces command the beach and shallow waters of Whitsand Bay, and the arc of fire of the Fort’s cannons could not reach round to the open sea. As a result, shops with the latest weapons could anchor and firs upon it at will. Not really a problem with hosting weddings though!

Sophie and Max’s day was also unique on many other levels. One of the most notable was Max arriving with his father and best-man on motocross bikes. If you want to make your wedding different, try riding down the steps on your motocross as an entrance! 

Polhawn Fort wedding venue photos, Cornwall

Polhawn Fort was built back in the day for a bit of coastal defence so it is obviously by the sea. So if you are thinking of getting married there then this a big plus. It lets you have your reception with the backdrop of some amazing views of the Cornish coast.

Top tip –

If you are getting married in the Grand Hall Ceremony at Polhawn fort just remember it is dark. It is a fort after all. So make sure that your photographer is happy shooting in the dark. They will need to have some good flashes and be happy to use them! 

 After the ceremony Sophie and Max had the weather and totally made the most of the lawn at Polhawn fort holding their reception drinks outside.

Another wonderful thing about Polhawn Fort, that every good wedding photographer will know, is that there is a private beach! Yes you heard me right, a private beach!!! This let’s you get some intimate photos of you both right by the water when you have some lovely setting sun light.   

The setting of the fort perched high on the cliffs above the sea along with the historic and imposing building make for a truly special wedding venue. 

Congratulations Sophie and Max your day was one not to forget and I had a blast photographing it! x


If you are thinking of getting married here then do check out Polhawn Fort’s site

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